About Us

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Daphne Romani and I am the Principal Architect and Co-founder of Sollievo, Architecture and Design.

This blog was born out of a desire to guide clients through the complex arena of architectural projects.
In addition to explaining the various steps and anatomy of a project we will also outline multiple alternative practices that can be added to each project to improve quality of life as well as maximizing each resource and reducing wastes.

This is where we will explain the meaning of our company tag-line: “Systems for Conscious Living”.
We believe a lot more makes up our “environment” than simply the spaces we inhabit and the architecture that surrounds us.
We will therefore venture in defining what constitutes our “environment”,  and that will expand the subjects addressed here to far beyond the subject of architecture and construction.

As your architect I can help you create physical environments and spaces that reflect and support the desired outcome or lifestyle.
As your fellow humans we can provide guidance about what has helped us shape our environment and reach a desired lifestyle within the spaces we inhabit.

Stay tuned… a lot is on its way, and we are looking forward to Serving You!