One of the most appealing aspects of the architectural work (for the professional) is the diversity of work and tasks performed on a day to day basis. Every day you end up doing something different and every project is different, so there is no shortage of variety.

 Most importantly, not every project is a glamorous or award-winning new building and the smaller-scope practical or functional projects hold their own appeal.

I find that frequently people have a romantic notion about what architectural work entails, and often it is all perceived as glamorous work. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Often, even within the glamorous projects, the work involves tasks that, to outsiders, can be considered tedious and boring but that, to the professional, present an unusual challenge that will still require a creative solution, within the framework of existing conditions and the applicable rules and regulations in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Most recently I completed one such project.
The site, a long standing retirement community, presented challenging existing conditions that, when reviewed in light of today’s current code, seemed initially insurmountable.

With a little of creative thinking and code analysis we managed to turn the project from a “headache” to a success and reach the initial goal the client was envisioning.

So, in the end the project was not really glamorous nor aesthetically remarkable yet satisfying in being able to fulfill the client’s needs and providing their residents with both shade from the sun and protection from the rain.

“We have used Daphne on several projects for Atterdag Village of Solvang, a Senior Retirement Community.

Each of these projects was tricky in a variety of ways, with ADA accessibility in the forefront. On our site, which we have been on for over 80years, this always provides a challenge given today’s codes on slope and cross-slope requirements. Daphne was very efficient with her time to review the situations and codes to come up with solutions that provided cost effective construction costs, while satisfying the building authorities. She was very timely with her work, and has excellent follow through and communication.

 I would definitely recommend Daphne as a highly qualified architect, and will use her again as needs arise.”

Gary Hall
Director of Operations
Atterdag Village of Solvang
Solvang CA.