Learn how inner and outer environments govern the quality of our lives.

Is your Environment a supportive and nourishing one?

Well, that may seem like a very abstract question at first. Let me explain what I mean…

Our reality is created by our perceptions (coming from our 5 senses, thoughts and emotions). In turn, our perception is created by the environments that surround us.

So, for example, if someone were to ask you: “How was your day?”, your answer would be based on your perception of how your day went.

On any given day, would your answer be predominantly positive or negative?
Based on your prevailing mood the answer to this question could be a good starting point in establishing whether your environments could use some improvements or not.

When we are immersed in nourishing environments we feel curious, motivated, fulfilled and inspired.
Is Your Environment Nourishing You?

This is where I will share information about each of the elements in the image and how each one can be utilized to improve our environment, which in turn will also improve our perceptions and our reality.

You can find a little more information about this concept on our website.

And in the meanwhile please tell me, what is your environment like? Is it mostly positive?

Are you feeling curious, motivated, fulfilled and inspired?