Is Your Environment Nourishing you?

Learn how inner and outer environments govern the quality of our lives. Is your Environment a supportive and nourishing one? Well, that may seem like a very abstract question at first. Let me explain what I mean… Our reality is created by our perceptions (coming from our 5 senses, thoughts and emotions). In turn, our perception is created by the environments that surround us. So, for example, if someone were to ask you: “How was



Searching for the Perfect Real Estate

What should you look for when shopping for your Dream? Let’s face it, when people shop around for real estate property (whether a home, vacant land or commercial property) what most people are shopping for is a dream, a lifestyle or a stepping stone that will take them closer to realizing a vision or goal. No matter whether there is a structure present or not, a new owner will most likely build, remodel, refresh or


How to Most Effectively Collect Rain Water

          Collecting rain water should become a priority for every property owner, whether residential or commercial. Just like it is normal to think of planting a beautiful landscape surrounding your structure, it should be normal to think of rain water collection as an extension of your landscape irrigation system. There are various ways that can be employed in the collection of rain water. The most ideal method depends on the climate you are in, the



Drought and the Wisdom of Collecting Water

       It is easy in this day and age to question why anybody should do any “extra work”, anything beyond ones duties, when those duties are already overbearing on everyone’s schedule. It is however in times like these, with a drought in full effect and threatening to last a few more seasons, that we might all be a little more willing to look at alternatives. I remember learning about the natural water cycles when I


Mangalore house

The Vanishing House Architecture of Mangalore

Once upon a time, in Mangalore (Karnataka, India), there was a thriving tile industry. Roofing tile, that is. The tiles were used throughout India and they were known as “Mangalore Tiles”. This was true in the not so distant past, just three decades ago, when there were still about 42 factories. Today only about 12 of them are surviving and are producing at a much lower capacity than in the preceding golden years. The decline


Interior of Mumbai Terminal 2- Column detail

New Mumbai Airport now Open for Business

Valentine’s Day 2014 and our main plan is a travel plan. Traveling from Mangalore, Karnataka, India to Los Angeles, California, via Mumbai, Maharastra, India. As we reached Mumbai we did not have a valid boarding pass printed so we had to take a taxi from the Domestic Terminal to the International Terminal of the Mumbai airport (as opposed to using the terminal transfer bus otherwise provided). We approached the majestic new Terminal 2 after a